How To Be Intuitive

How To Be Intuitive - Tara Nikita

Stop trying so hard to be intuitive.

There, I said it. Intuitiveness is never a forced thing. I know these days there are lots of good courses and programmes designed to help people access their intuition, and be more intuitive. I’m not discounting their value. But I also know that intuitiveness is a lot like driving – no matter how much you read the manual, nothing teaches you how to drive but the process of driving itself. So, after a while, no matter how much you’ve learned about being intuitive, at some point you’ll just have to be intuitive. I think we often get a little too analytical about intuition. I’ve done readings for clients wanting to know what was getting in the way of their intuitive connection to their Higher Selves. The answer: what was getting in the way was all the “searching” for a connection that was, quite simply, already there, in front of their noses.  That’s how the analytical mind gets us into trouble.

Here’s the unfortunate irony too: people convince themselves that they have a “problem” being intuitive, and then they spend an inordinate amount of time learning, exploring and investigating the “blocks” to their intuition, and the “secrets” to unlocking it, making the whole darn thing a lot harder than it needs to be, and reinforcing the belief, and thus the experience, that their intuition is problematic.

As a Tarot reader I’ve spent many (enjoyable) hours looking for and designing new spreads (ways of laying the Tarot cards out). It’s fun. But there’s nothing like being in front of a client and  allowing your intuition to respond to the needs of the moment. There’s nothing like simply allowing the reading to unfold without trying to control my intuition, or trying to fit my client’s situation into a pre-designed, neat and tidy spread. I discovered my intuition is a whole lot smarter than I am (thank goodness), so I learned to step aside and enjoy the way it wanted to lead me. I’d hear things coming out of my mouth that I had no idea I was going to say. Intuitiveness is like that. It is first and foremost a state of receptivity. Once it feels like “trying”, you’re making it that much harder for yourself to be intuitive. 

Let go preconceived notions of what intuitiveness should look like or feel like.

I was re-reading Seth Speaks recently and Robert Butts noted in the text that Jane Roberts (intuitive channel for the entity known as Seth) remarked that she didn’t “feel” especially psychic during the channeling session. They both marvelled at how good the channeled material was, despite the fact that Jane didn’t have a very strong sense of “feeling psychic” that night. I thought Jane was on to something: very often being intuitive feels quite ordinary. It’s kind of like speaking a language. We don’t really have a full picture of what is involved in human language, of how we translate sound – which is vibration – into something coherent. We just DO it. Though this is quite a sophisticated process, involving a beautiful dance between our biology and our consciousness, it just doesn’t feel particularly magical. This is sort of how being intuitive works. In fact, I’d venture to say that the more ordinary it feels, the more you are relaxed in your own intuitive flow.

Unusual feelings of awkwardness or even discomfort often occur when you are adjusting to a higher level of intuitive function. Your body begins to do strange things such as tingle in places. Maybe your ears ring. Maybe you get sensations at your third eye or at your crown. I feel that we often get too hung up on these symptoms. We begin to analyze whether certain symptoms mean we are  really “channeling” (a perfectly legitimate activity) versus receiving an “intuitive hit.”

I say it really doesn’t matter. Especially if your work is about serving others. Forget the intuitive navel gazing, and just show up for the people you serve.

Develop strong body awareness.

Intuitive navel gazing orients us toward looking out for particular intuitive symptoms we feel are significant. The curious thing is that this can get in the way of a more fundamental, holistic awareness of the sensations in our body. If you’re so busy feeling for a sensation in your crown, and you’re focused there, needing a particular sensation to mean something, then you can neglect the way in which your body is communicating to you more generally. So part of being intuitive is to pay attention to the way you feel, moment to moment. Learn to scan the body, and be aware of your own subtle changes in mood. Become intimately familiar with the language of your own body. When you work with your body and pay attention to the messages it gives you, you become far more fluent in the language of intuition.

Focus on your own energetic alignment. 

Developing body awareness is a prerequisite to being able to find your way to energetically harmonious states. If you know and understand what your body is trying to tell you about your energetic state, then you are armed with the first bit of information you need to help you find your way back to your alignment. When you are principally focused on being in the best feeling place that you can, in alignment with the natural energetic essence that is really you, a couple of things happen. The first is that you are in the receptive, coherent state of allowing your intuition to function. You are tuned in. The second thing is that in the process of finding your way back to a more harmonious energetic state, you begin to become aware of the spectrum of your feelings. You understand the subtle tones and colours of your intuitive language. You know what feeling good feels like, and you know what feeling less than good feels like.

Trust your life. 

If you can trust your life’s unfolding more generally, it means that you are really trusting yourself. You are trusting your own connection with your Spirit. You are trusting the parts of you that know the larger plan for the unfolding of your life. When you develop a relationship with these parts of yourself, you allow them to give you direction. In doing so, you automatically begin to awaken your intuitive faculties, because your intuitive faculties are how you communicate with these aspects of you. If you are trusting your life generally, you are in the receptive state required for your intuition to function at its best.

Quiet time, solitude, meditation, nature. 

Carve out a little time for yourself away from electronics, where you can simply enjoy quietude without any interference. No plans, just being, enjoying your own company and your own sensations.

Probably the single most effective thing I find for being intuitive is simply being out in nature. (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record with the number of times I have mentioned that on this blog). Sitting down in quietude in nature, looking at green things and allowing the plants to restore your energy field is the most efficient way, I find, of finding your way to vibrational balance – where intuitiveness comes to the fore. Watch the birds, watch the bees, listen to sounds through one ear and then the other. Allow nature’s activity to nurture your neural networks, and bring you to a calm, but highly alert, receptive, intuitive state.



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