Competition Paradigms in Business: Reasons to Kick ’em to the Curb

Competition Paradigms in Business - Tara Nikita

I’ve wanted to add my two cents to this wonderful, high-vibe discussion for quite some time now: the absolute obsoleteness of conventional competition paradigms in business which take as their starting point a very bleak, brutish, quasi-Malthusian, 5 of Pentacles, scarcity-led, “get-my-slice-of-the-pie”, comparison-filled picture of reality.

Let’s begin by looking at this through a vibrational lens. Energetically speaking, competition paradigms in business which lead you to assume that everyone in your field is a competitor in a race to “MORE FOR ME”, have a most curious effect: these paradigms keep your good at bay.

Because competition paradigms tend to encourage toxic comparison (see Kelly-Ann Maddox’s treatment of this subject) they have the effect of vibrationally distancing you from the good you desire (such as more clients, an audience). When we look at a “competitor” in our field and resent their success, feeling that we can’t have it, energetically it keeps us stuck – and prevents us from accessing the very enthusiasm and excitement necessary to grow and enjoy the unfolding of our creativity and passion. The mechanics of energy are quite simple: you cannot create something from an energetic place which is radically at variance with the thing you want to create. You can’t magick up clients (or clients who you enjoy working with) from a place of toxicity and resentment.

From Competitors to Colleagues…

I loved this oh so deliciously salient point from Kelly-Ann Maddox: you’re not the only one who received the call to serve. Other people’s inner guidance systems and abilities to receive their higher callings are fully functioning and propelling them into serving others using similar methods or products to yours. Rather than seeing these other people as your competitors, see them as colleagues. See them as colleagues who can provide you with much-needed inspiration from their example. See them as people who help to fire up your excitement and passion, who help you sense your own potential. When examples of heart-centred intuitive/alternative practitioners began to crop up in my awareness, when I’d spontaneously meet them, hear their stories, read their books and their blogs, I’d feel sheer thrill move through me. It began to be such a visceral experience, and I knew it was a signal from Spirit that I was opening up to this experience in my own life. I was *right there* on the vibrational threshold of it.

Let your colleagues not only inspire you by their example in the more general sense of your overall creative vision, but let them inspire you in the more day-to-day sense of giving you some of the fuel you need to produce the things you produce in your business. Enjoy creating content? Let your colleagues inspire you to join the conversation in your own unique way. There’s nothing new under the sun in terms of ideas – but there’s never been a “you” before, neither will there ever be another one of you. Enjoy the way an idea – as old as time itself, and already discussed by your colleagues, – is filtered through your own unique consciousness.

Your Own Unique Consciousness…

For my own part, as an intuitive reader and counsellor, I never quite understood the supposed cogency of the need to fight for the lion’s share of clients to work with. Because of the fact of my own uniqueness, as well as everyone else’s, it always seemed to me that out of the people who needed to be served by intuitive practitioners, some would gravitate toward me, some would not. I’d be best suited to serve some people, and less suited to serve others. Some people would intuitively “resonate with” my style, some people would not. When I stand back and objectively consider the numbers of people, the world over, who need to be served by sensitive, compassionate and ethical intuitives – a) there’s no possible way I could serve all of them, and b) I immediately begin to have a sense of myself as part of a larger collective of people, of colleagues, here to serve, to guide, and to help others heal.

Be yourself. Be the natural authentic you…

When you’re not being you, you tend to worry about things like needing to be better than someone else, or “oversaturation” – of there being “too many” people out there “doing what you do.” When you experience these thoughts and feelings, it’s a signal, a call from your inner self to tap into your energy in a deeper way. It’s a call to drink more earnestly from the well of your own unique inner being. Be more of yourself. Be yourself more. When you are more of yourself, the logic of needing to be better than someone else, or of there being “too many”, collapses on itself. There will never be “too many” of you.

No Bullshit…

I’m not advocating some ‘pseudo-noble’, phony, “we’re stronger together” (which we are in many senses, but let’s leave that for now), vacuous B.S. I’m saying that, from a purely self-centred perspective, it FEELS GOOD to be excited, passionate and enthusiastic about your business. I can’t wait to enjoy other people’s content and see other people’s approaches because this expands my perspective, and inspires me. It feels good to me to feel expanded and inspired. Competition and comparison don’t feel as good.

The other really important thing is this: if your intention is to serve the people you work with, then you’ll look forward to interacting with, and hearing from your colleagues who will no doubt have some great input on how you can enrich your own practice. If you care about the people you serve, then you’ll never want to stop growing. Your colleagues are a great impetus for your personal and professional growth and expansion.

The Paradox…

There’s an interesting sort of creative tension or paradox inherent in all of this. Whilst competitors become your colleagues, and become a source of inspiration for your own work and business, you still have to learn to blend your appreciation of them with keeping your eyes on your own page. You keep your eyes on your own page not because of fear – which competition paradigms tend to summon, but because by doing this you honour yourself. I can’t tell you how to harmonize these elements; you’ll have to judge it by your own feeling. Give yourself creative breathing room too. Respecting and being inspired by your colleagues isn’t an invitation to copy them. Copying your colleagues won’t really feel good. You won’t feel enthusiastic, expansive and passionate. Be yourself, let the work of others inspire you, then go off and enjoy your own creative process, and enjoy your own output.

It’s liberating to feel so much passion and excitement for your creative vision and business. Competition feels heavy and dense. When you extricate yourself from this kind of business paradigm, you free up your creative flow. There’s nothing standing in the way of your creative cup overflowing. You’ll wake up in the morning and feel fantastic about the stuff that your creative self is going to spew out. You’ll be in the zone to serve your customers and clients in the best way you, and only you, can.

With love,


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