New: The Manifestation Mandala Reading

Manifestation Mandala Reading

I don’t know about you, but I am in the process of rediscovering – in a heightened way – a few very delicious things about myself. The first is that, at my core, I am a dynamic, alive, alert, and highly creative being. The second thing I am rediscovering is that I can work with the natural creativity of my spirit and inner self, to bring about more of the things I’d like to experience. The third thing I am rediscovering, to my absolute delight, is that I can choose how to direct my focus and energetic attention. It’s like learning that the control panel of my life was within me all along. I am therefore learning that I do not have to go “out there” and force things, but I can allow my subjective experience – my thoughts, and emotions – to work “for” me. I’m learning to allow the portions of myself to do the work that they are designed to do, and that all I need do is develop a relationship of trust with them, as I bring into form more of the things that make me feel good, and make me feel delighted to be alive, here and now, in this body, in this time.

I’ve designed this “Manifestation Mandala” reading for a partly selfish reason. I know that if I can assist other people in firing up their inner control panel, then I’m also helping myself to more deeply understand my own creative-manifestation process. By working with you in your own manifestation process, I am also strengthening and fortifying my own. I thank you for the opportunity to take part in a wonderful and edifying co-creative learning experience. I’m as excited about you aligning with your heart’s desires, as I am about my own alignment.

This reading is for you if:

• You are aware that the control panel of your life and your experience is on the inside, and you would like to harness your thoughts and emotion to experience more happiness and more of the things that you want, and which bring you joy.

• You want to understand how you stand in relationship to the things you want to bring about in your life, so that you can add more momentum to bringing them about.

• You need encouragement in your manifestation/creative process.

• You need compass points to help guide you to bring about the things that you would like to experience.

• You want to be in a more intimate relationship with your Higher Mind/Self, so that you do not take on unnecessary work as you bring the things you want into being. Instead, you want to allow your Higher Mind to do its share of the work, and you’d like to learn how to work in conjunction with this part of yourself that knows the easiest path to bringing about what you want.

• You want to be acooperative component” in the process of bringing about what you want.

The Five Components of the Manifestation Mandala Reading

1. We explore what is in your “vibrational bank,” i.e., the things you want which are already there for you, if only you would allow it, and align with it through the thoughts and feelings you offer. This corresponds to the spirit/fire/wands elemental aspect of the reading.

2. We look at how to direct your mental focus, and where to place your mental attention to encourage the thoughts and mental attitude that best add momentum to your alignment with what is in your vibrational bank, and what it is that you desire. This corresponds to the air/swords aspect of the reading.

3. We look at how you can best attend to your emotions, so that you can use your emotions to catalyze what it is that you want to bring into being. We will explore what needs to be released at the level of your emotional body, and what needs to be cultivated in order to add momentum and energy to what it is you want to experience. This corresponds to the water/cups aspect of the reading.

4. We explore what you need to give physical attention to in order to energize your process of manifestation. This corresponds to the earth/pentacles aspect of the reading.

5. Finally, we look at overall guidance and direction for you to go forward – all in alignment with what your Higher Mind has to say on the matter.

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