Your Tarot Reading: Three Things To Keep In Mind

Your Tarot Reading - Tara Nikita

Your Inner Being, your Higher Self, your Spiritual Entourage, will raise what is most important.

Here’s the thing: your Inner Being/Higher Self/Higher Mind/Spiritual Entourage calls the shots during the course of your Tarot reading. Your Inner Being has one single priority: to communicate the message that you MOST need to understand and assimilate at the time of your reading. Sometimes your own idea of what is most important and relevant for you to know will be fundamentally at variance with what your Inner Being would like to draw your attention to.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in readings where the querent wants to explore a particular thing in more detail and from different angles, but “the cards” keep on reiterating the same message, loud and clear, leaving me, the reader, sounding like a broken record. That’s okay. I don’t mind. Like a wise guardian, your Higher Self will lovingly say, “not now, dear. Focus on this instead.” Or, depending on the personality of your spiritual entourage, the message might sound more like this: “We love you, but we are not entertaining this today. Frankly, we think this is a waste of your attention, which could be directed in far more fruitful ways.”

Equally, I’ve conducted tarot readings where I get more information about the subtle nuances and dynamics of a particular situation. I believe this is so because understanding the nuances and subtleties of a situation or circumstance actually aids the querent. If it augments the querent’s understanding and allows him or her to expand, it feels like the querent’s spiritual entourage and Higher Self are more than willing to comply.

Sometimes “why” isn’t the most useful question.

Ever been to a reading and “the cards’” answer to your “why” is to tell you information you already know? Take a hint. As a reader, I know the exact moment when “the cards” aren’t going to supply any more “juice”…it’s that feeling of just not getting anything else. “The cards” kind of go quiet.

Sometimes “why” isn’t the most useful question because it only gets you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of analysis [paralysis]. Often, “why” only amplifies the problem you are experiencing and prevents you from shifting your focus and attention to move out from the experience you are currently having. Understanding the “why” isn’t always a prerequisite to effecting change. This is why getting into a relationship of unconditional trust with your own Higher Mind, your partner and ally in navigating your physical life, is so important. Trust that your Higher Mind knows the “why”, and that it is stored at this level of your being for the time being, because it needs to be there.

You sometimes have to learn to get comfortable with understanding that something has served a purpose without really and truly understanding the nuances of why. Your Higher Mind’s communication to you during a tarot reading will often ask you to move beyond the why, and understanding the “purpose” of a situation, to go directly where the event or circumstance is trying to propel you to. Ironically, we often hold ourselves in resistance to the wondrous openings that are waiting for us when we get tethered to the “why.”

The most interesting thing I have observed about all this is that it is often the folk on a conscious and deliberate spiritual path who often get stuck at “why.” I’m chuckling as I recall the Pleiadians saying that sometimes the discovery of spiritual information can be the worst thing for the human! We get so caught up in the “karmic” reason, and the “lesson here”, that these become crutches which prevent us from moving forward, claiming our own power, and stepping into our Magician selves.

Also – news flash: “karma”, of the “binding” kind, is sort of old, and well…outdated. Never before have we had so much freedom to navigate reality by the power of our intent, and in partnership with our Inner Being. “Karmic” experiences can now be used as tools to rapidly fire us into new vistas of consciousness. We can now ride the waves of karmic experiences into exponential and ground breaking shifts (a.k.a. the stargates of our personal awakenings). Our souls ask us not to focus so much on probing the “why” of the karmic experience (the ultimate answer to the “why” being, quite simply, “to expand into more of who we truly are”), but to ride the wave. For it is the riding of the wave, and the ways in which we are personally edified, that demand our attention and focus.

Sometimes the “how” is in the doing.

“How” is such a great question for tarot readings. I relish “how”. It signals to me that the person I am working with understands themselves as the master weavers of their experience, and is fully willing to occupy the driver’s seat of their lives. “How can I enjoy a relationship of mutual respect and love?” over “Will I ever find love?” any day of my week…

But. There’s always a “but”.

“How” can sometimes get in the way of “doing.” You don’t always have to understand “how” before you commit to a course of action. “I’d like to quit my job.” “But how?” you ask. The cards: “Just quit.”

“I’d like to bring more joy into my experience of my job. “But how?”

“By bringing more joy into your experience of your job.”

“I’d like to get rid of the things that no longer serve me. “But how?”

“By getting rid of the things that no longer serve you.”

(Don’t you hate it when the cards do that?)

You can directly depend on your Higher Mind to progressively inspire you with the “how” (that’s what your Higher Mind is there for). As you act, and get to point A on your map, your Higher Mind will inspire you with the next course of action to get you to point B. Don’t let the “how” paralyze you. Allow your tarot reading to nourish your connection to your Higher Mind – the part of your being that knows.

With love,


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