Going Beyond Normal

"Going Beyond Normal", from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel.

“Going Beyond Normal”, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel.

Let’s face it. Spiritual awakening can be extremely perplexing. (I have a term for it: “Neptunian confusion”). You don’t know what’s really happening to you. You think you know, but there’s always more going on. I’ve wanted to talk about the idea of “going beyond normal” for a long time – specifically how the lightworker becomes confused because he or she doesn’t really understand the implications of stepping into a new vibrational dispensation. The lightworker realizes conceptually that she’s a little different from a lot of other people, but coping with the corollaries of this difference is another kettle of fish…

The fundamental issue is this: the lightworker’s conscious mind doesn’t really comprehend the extent to which his or her energy has altered, so he or she keeps looking toward the familiar, and is perplexed when familiar ways of doing things no longer yield the same results, or fail to work in the way they used to.


Lightworker Sophia, with a spanking college degree and a solid background in marketing and PR, goes through a process of spiritual awakening. She is “online.” She’s been applying for marketing job upon marketing job after having pursued her postgraduate degree, and strangely, none of her applications have gone ANYWHERE. She’s done good interviews, but there have been no follow ups. People have cropped up in her life with career opportunities that have mysteriously fizzled out. She got a position at a company that went belly-up in a matter of two months. She’s put herself out there, she’s networked. Things always appear to be heading somewhere…but then they dissolve. Lightworker Sophia rolls with the punches, but as time passes she becomes increasingly more bewildered, and it becomes harder for her to remain optimistic. Why do things never seem to work out? She knows she’s qualified, with a “good head on her shoulders”…so what the hell is happening?

She’s always loved to write – and she’s done it on and off as a hobby. She’s been finding her way by taking on writing consultant jobs, and slowly they’ve been trickling in, more and more. Writing is the only thing that seems to be “working” for her. In the meantime, she’s still applying for those marketing jobs, hoping that she’ll get something soon.

You see, what lightworker Sophia hasn’t come to understand yet is that Life is responding to her new vibration, and is setting her up to “go beyond normal”. Sophia’s experience with her career has been Life’s subtle clue that she’s entered into a new phase energetically, and that familiar ways of operating are actually vibrationally out of sync with where she’s headed. The familiar things can’t magnetize themselves to her anymore, because the point of attraction, quite simply, is no longer there. Her conscious mind is completely unawares.

I know this story sounds eerily familiar to a lot of you. As lightworkers, many of us are subconsciously waiting for the energy in our lives to “settle back down” so that we can once again, find comfort in the things that we know. After the chaos of an awakening we desperately want to settle back down into a familiar, normal, comfortable groove. Well…what if the energy won’t be settling back down? Suppose we’re being asked to relinquish that sense of security in what is known? Suppose we’re being asked to give up “normal”?


The sense of dissolution Sophia is experiencing may happen in any aspect of life, not just with our careers. We’re seeing the dissolution play out according to our own individual cycles of evolution. Astrological transits to particular natal planets and houses are indicating where lightworkers are feeling the more ‘disruptive’ effects of “going beyond normal.” Transits are particularly significant: they are about HOW we are individually asked to go beyond normal; they speak to the areas and manners in which we are asked to step up to meet the new energy we are holding. They indicate the unique nature of our personal challenge. A challenge which satisfies the development of our own individual souls while responding to the evolutionary needs of the collective.

Lightworkers are very sensitive to frequencial shifts, without necessarily mentally understanding this sensitivity. The reason for this sensitivity is that we signed up to respond to the “frequencial call” – to individually anchor new frequencies on the planet. This means that there is a convergence and unity of purpose between our personal evolutionary cycle (that indicated by our individual natal chart), and the wider planetary collective evolutionary cycle. Think of it as a “chart within a chart.” A lot of astrology stops at the individual’s personal cycle of evolution. However, what we are moving toward is an understanding of how our individual cycles of evolution correspond with and relate to much more universal energies and shifts in consciousness.

LEARNING TO WORK WITh “going beyond normal”

What we need to understand is how to work with the energy that is compelling us to “go beyond normal.” In my own client practice, I am interested in helping the clients I work with (and myself, through their experience) understand and identify how “going beyond normal” shows up, and to bring to the surface how they may be subconsciously or unconsciously still reaching for what is familiar, while holding themselves in partial resistance to the new energy that they are learning to embody.

Here are a few ways we can all learn to work with “going beyond normal” which will help us to have an easier and more graceful experience:

-Mentally recognizing that “going beyond normal” is a “thing.” This helps the conscious mind to freak out a little less!

-Getting into more intimate relationship with our Higher Mind, so that we can collaborate with our new direction, and receive the step by step guidance that we need as we face the territory beyond normal.

-Understanding that this period of learning to go beyond normal calls for a lot of courage. 

-Understanding that this period of learning to go beyond normal requires surrender, trust and acceptance.

-Relying on our own authentic self-expression, gifts and talents to light the way for us to physically operate in the world, as we go beyond normal.

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