How To Prepare For Your Tarot Reading

Your Willingness To Know - Tara Nikita

A beneficial, insightful and ultimately helpful Tarot reading will be an honest one.

An essential part of preparing for a Tarot reading involves your own honest assessment of your willingness to know – your willingness to know and acknowledge information which might be confronting, and which may radically challenge your deeply held perceptions of a situation or circumstance. The difficulty many people experience when they consult a reader is that they haven’t truly considered the implications of having their concerns addressed honestly. One of the main reasons people find the information, insights and guidance from a Tarot reading difficult to absorb and integrate is that they have very fixed perceptions of a situation in their life. (Who doesn’t? No judgment there).

Let’s consider an example.

Rachel (entirely fictional character) wants to know how she can create space in her life for a family and a baby. She is very excited at the prospects of starting a family with her partner. Her main concerns are mostly about any health issues she might encounter.

The reading reveals that it is her relationship with her partner that needs to be addressed first and foremost. She is advised not to rush into starting a family because there are issues with the health of her relationship which need to be dealt with – she needs to make sure she communicates with her partner to honestly assess whether he is truly committed to their relationship in a long term way, and whether he is mentally and emotionally ready to start a family. The reading suggests that when she addresses these issues in her relationship she will find the clarity she needs to begin making room in her life for children and an enriching family experience.

Rachel is confused, and even a little upset, because the reading hasn’t addressed the concerns which were uppermost in her mind, but has delved into the issue which needs the most attention, and which is most relevant to her question. As it turns out, the relationship issues that the reading raises are the very issues that Rachel is afraid to truly acknowledge.

You see, the thing that many people dismiss is that a Tarot reading is supposed to challenge your perceptions. The point of seeing a reader in the first place is to access a higher and more expanded perspective of your situation.

Your willingness to know is an act of bravery. Nothing less. Participating purposefully and consciously with your life means being willing to have your perspectives and beliefs challenged. It doesn’t mean you like being confronted. It doesn’t mean that receiving new, more expanded information isn’t perplexing, difficult, and sometimes just plain shitty. It just means that you’re brave enough to look at yourself, and to look at your creations. Your willingness to be informed is a testament to your inner spiritual responsibility as the creator of your experience. Your willingness to be informed is the willingness to take the reins of your life. While your willingness to know may throw you into the midst of tempestuous, and entirely uncomfortable feelings, it is the ultimate signal of your willingness to assume your own power.

So in preparation for your Tarot reading, take the following into consideration. I highly recommend writing down the answers to these questions:

– How much am I willing to know?
– What territory am I not really willing to explore?
– What kind of information about my situation would scare me?
– What kind of information about my situation would I welcome?
– What is the worst thing my reading could reveal?
– Am I truly in a position to act on information which might challenge me?
– Is there a specific outcome I am hoping for in my situation?
– Is there any particular thing I am hoping to hear from my reading?

When answering these questions be sure to really allow the sensations in your physical body to speak to you. Notice where you feel anxious, restless, or constricted.

While these can be difficult questions, openly acknowledging your inner fears, hopes and expectations is invaluable. There’s something about bringing these answers into the light of your awareness that diminishes some of the fear surrounding them. You’ll also be doing one other thing when you take these questions into consideration. You’ll be holding your own hand. You’ll be showing up for yourself in a way no one else can – not even your reader.

With love,


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