Lightworker Resource Guide

Lightworker Resource Guide - Tara Nikita

I decided to put together a collection of some of my favourite content – content that has absolutely enriched my journey, and expanded my mind and my soul. I’m calling it a Lightworker Resource Guide because these resources resonate in the hearts and the minds of those who intuitively understand their roles as beings of light here to do the work to anchor a loving and aware quality of consciousness in their lives, and thus contribute this energy to the collective. The resources here speak to those who understand that their ‘work’ involves anchoring more of their expansive multidimensional selves into the here and now.

I offer these to you as a guide – for your own exploration. The guide contains a blurb on each resource, and is full of clickable links.

Click to download: Lightworker Resource Guide – Tara Nikita

Much love and many blessings,


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