The Job Of A Spiritual-Intuitive Counselor

The Job of a Spiritual-Intuitive Counselor - Tara Nikita

If you work with modalities that are designed to facilitate healing and empowerment, give nourishment, and provide guidance to your client, based on spiritual, psychic-intuitive and psychological principles and activities, I’m speaking to you. I’m going to call you a spiritual-intuitive counselor. If giving readings is part of your counseling practice, read on. If you’re not a reader or spiritual-intuitive practitioner, but you normally consult one, or if you are thinking about reaching out to one, read on.

The job of a spiritual intuitive counselor is to retrieve and communicate the messages that are in his or her clients’ highest and best interest to know and understand. The client work that you do as a spiritual-intuitive counselor is an answer to the following question: What does my client need to hear most to facilitate his or her healing? Your “job” is not fundamentally about being “accurate.” It’s not fundamentally about YOU. The problem with an overemphasis on accuracy in terms of an approach to readings is that it makes the reader the focus of the reading. Readings become about “how well” YOU, the reader, are doing and how well you are “performing” rather than the work of holding a healing space for your client.

Here’s the secret. Gather round. If you sincerely hold the intention of retrieving and communicating the information and guidance that best serves your client, you WILL be “accurate”. You WILL be able to pick up on your client’s innermost feelings and the underlying dynamics of his or her situation. “Accuracy” is the upshot of a sincere intention for healing. Above and beyond accuracy, you’ll do one more thing. You’ll be able to give your client insight. It is my deeply held belief that a reading full of information and lacking in insight isn’t nearly as nourishing as one with a really strong dose of insight.

An example. It might be nice and entertaining for a while to have an astrologer be able to describe your personality. Who doesn’t love hearing about themselves. Your Mercury is conjunct Uranus – you are a bloody genius, bold, independent and inventive in your thinking. I’m not knocking the importance of having information. Astrology’s ability to let us in on how we are wired is invaluable. But an astrologer giving client readings would need to help his or her client understand how to use the energy of that aspect in the most empowered way. An astrologer giving client readings would need to be able to help a client understand that configuration in the context of her client’s challenges, and how her client can best interact with that energy to create a wholesome, happy and fulfilled life.

The focal shift from accuracy to insight makes it easier to “let go” of a reading. When the reading is not about you as the practitioner, you have nothing to prove. You can turn your attention to the message that needs to come through in the moment. A great visualisation for spiritual-intuitive counselors is to somehow imagine the message of a reading coming through them, not essentially from them. Everyone has their own framework, but when I sit down for a client reading I really do believe that the message that comes through is from my client’s own higher mind. I am a translator for their own higher selves. (That is why it is such a fucking profound honour to work with people. It’s so sacred and holy). I’m really facilitating a dialogue between my client’s conscious mind, and their higher vibrational levels.

This is why I also believe that the job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor is to practice working with his or her tool (tarot, astrology, whatever), flex his or her psychic-intuitive muscles, AND be the best version of himself or herself, so that the translating that needs to be done in a reading can best be done. The job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor is to do his or her own part to facilitate the messages that come in from spirit, the unconscious, the client’s higher self. The job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor is to joyfully and creatively connect with his or her tool on an ongoing basis, in order to create the best and most fertile environment for each client to receive the insight he or she needs. 

While we’re at it, let me tell you more about what isn’t the job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor. It isn’t the job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor to lord it over their client with supposedly profound spiritual information. It’s a verrryyy fine line, and a delicate balance. Yes, a reader-counselor is able to see dysfunctional energetic patterns, and mechanisms of self-sabotage in a client. BUT it is not his or her job to lecture his or her client about “transcending the ego.” It is not a counselor’s job to make a client feel like he or she isn’t “good enough” because the client hasn’t grasped some profound spiritual principle that the counselor is supposedly an expert at. Let me say it again: it is never the job of the reader-counselor to lecture a client. The job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor is to weave the recognition into his or her practice that we are all magnificent souls hiding from ourselves. The job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor is to help steer his or her client back in the direction of his or her forgotten magnificence. 

An effective spiritual-intuitive counselor has veered away from her magnificence so many times that she has become expert at finding her way home. She is able to hold the space of remembrance for her client because she’s steered her ship away from her light so. many. fucking. times. It is therefore the job of a spiritual-intuitive counselor to be compassionate and kind to those who are finding their way back to themselves.

Because I speak Tarot, I’ll end with this. To my mind, an effective spiritual-intuitive counselor really is a blend of the High Priestess and the Queen of Cups. He or she blends intuitive knowledge, wisdom, keen perceptiveness and shrewdness, with kindness, softness, gentleness, compassion and patience.

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