A Little Tip for Navigating Contentious Arguments

A little tip for navigating contentious arguments

While I was aware of the killing of Cecil, the Lion, I had not taken the time to really watch much of the story’s coverage on television. (I watch minimal amounts of TV). I also hadn’t read any articles online about the matter. However, last night I decided to watch some of the coverage from a few major news networks on their YouTube channels. Of course, an upshot of Cecil’s killing is that it raises that old debate once more: should we hunt animals for sport.

This issue came up closer to home recently – we’re approaching the bird-shooting season where I am, and a neighbour of mine was explaining how he happens to be involved in making recommendations to the government about the specific dates of the season. Apparently the member of parliament to whom the recommendations were made isn’t pro-hunting, and decided to cut two weeks off the usual 6-week bird-shooting season, leaving bird-shooters 4 weeks within which to enjoy their hobby. (I’m not entirely sure about the legality of the MP’s unilateral decision, but that’s another issue).

Anyway, as I watched the coverage last night and the debates about hunting game, my feelings were the same as they always have been: I do not personally resonate with the vibrational signature of hunting animals for sport. 

Debates as to whether specific instances of game hunting comply with legislation mean absolutely nothing to me. Well-reasoned arguments about the usefulness of gaming as a conservation tool do nothing for me either. I am not afraid of intellectual, rationalistic, arguments. I have two first class degrees. The point is, when I run this issue past my feeling centres, I do not resonate with what I sense is the vibration of killing animals for sport, and I am not really available for an intellectual, mental-body focused debate on the matter. Some might call a move like that ‘cowardly’ perhaps, and escapist. Well, okay.

I understand that there are, as the Pleiadians remind us, multitudes of belief systems, existing side by side. I do not expect others to have the same belief systems as I do. I really don’t.

So here’s the tip for navigating these types of contentious arguments (in case you were wondering if it would ever come):

When something comes up that you do not resonate with, when someone tries to engage you in an argument about an issue, simply say: “I do not resonate with the vibrational signature of that.” Or, “that is not a vibrational selection I wish to make.” It doesn’t even necessarily have to be uttered out loud. No judgement of anyone is required. Sometimes nothing else needs to be said.

How liberating it is to hold true to your own energetic stance without needing to judge a situation or a person.



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