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I took a nice refreshing break from client consultations and readings because some of my family from New York came to visit for their holiday. It was really great catching up with my relatives. When we got to chatting, my aunt asked me what I had recently been reading. In explaining what books I had my nose in, I briefly mentioned the term ‘lightworker’. She asked me to explain the term, as she had never heard it before. I did (rather briefly). Mind you, this branch of my family is quite religious, and have political beliefs and concepts about what it is to be human that I do not personally subscribe to (in the least!). But we have good, sane discussions, and to me it is important to be able to do that. Throughout the time they spent with me, I kept on thinking about something that the P’s have asked us to affirm:

“I fully realize that a multitude of probabilities and belief systems exist side by side with mine. And in mine I am safe, in mine I am guided…”

The main reason for putting this Q &A together is to just pour my own perspectives into the collective pool of thought on lightwork. Therefore, this Q & A is not delivered in the spirit of an attempt to provide definitive answers to any of these questions. It is to offer my own perspectives on lightwork based on where I am in my evolutionary journey – it is to offer the things that hold true for me. I offer them to you to consider, to play with, to ruminate on…(to discard?)


A lightworker is a soul-being participating with the planet and the collective consciousness at this time as a conduit for frequency. A lightworker is a “receiver” – he or she receives and activates frequency codes that are in alignment with a higher resonance consciousness and evolutionary timeline of the planet. A lightworker energetically holds space for other beings on the planet to move into remembrance of who they are as Creators Incarnate.

A lightworker holds space for others to move into a higher resonance way of being – this may be expressed consciously or unconsciously; meaning that a lightworker’s physical or conscious mind might also be aware of this sort of “mission”, or a lightworker might express this on an entirely vibrational level. This is about the degree of conscious participation with the idea of lightwork. Some people are more consciously and mentally aware of their participation with lightwork as something entrained within their energetic field, and some lightworkers experience their connection to lightwork as more removed from their conscious mind. A lightworker is someone who has had an ‘opening’ of their DNA genetic to perceive more of their own creative multidimensional consciousness, and their connection to Source. Relative to other people on the planet, a lightworker has a more “advanced” DNA genetic, meaning that more of their DNA is “online” or activated.

The individual experiences of emotional-body clearing that a lightworker walks is a key aspect of his or her involvement with raising the collective consciousness.  Finally, a lightworker plays his or her part simply by being here and can choose to express his or her creative lightwork in any number of ways, from writing a book to gardening. Or writing a book about gardening.


Lightworkers are not “chosen” – I think we need to completely come out of this conceptual paradigm of specialness. As sovereign creators, lightworkers choose themselves. It is from a place of sovereign choice that lightworkers come on to the planet to participate with her at this time. I think that lightworkers make a truly benevolent and loving choice to be on the planet, and to experience awakening to their true spiritual identities while in physical reality. Lightworkers have a real love for the planet, and it is their vision of where humanity can go as a spiritually responsible and mature race which informs their choice to be here.

Lightworkers may not remember all this consciously – in fact, many lightworkers experience a lot of disillusionment with the state of the planet, and the mental body goes “oh I didn’t sign up for this” and “I’m never ‘coming back’ to Earth.” However, at deeper non-mental levels there is a choice and commitment to the evolution of the collective consciousness, rooted in deep love. Lightworkers have to remember that they are here to hold an energetic template for others. Lightworkers are here to do the groundwork. And as for “coming back” to earth, I would never miss a chance to experience the results of the seeds that the collective group of lightworkers is sowing. (Come on!).


Yes, and no. This can be a tricky issue. First I would say that what is far more important than anything else is the vibration that the lightworker is holding, rather than a need to verbally communicate any system of ideas, or to have anyone else subscribe to his or her ideas. However, I think it is very important that lightworkers be and express themselves, and not self-censor. When a lightworker expresses the truth of who she is, she creates an energetic space for others to do the same.

I also think it is important for lightworkers to have a keen sense of discernment about what might be appropriate to say when. Some of my family members have beliefs that are completely (*COMPLETELY*) against my most deeply held convictions. I allow them to express their beliefs, and I listen, and very often do not offer them my perspective, because in the moment I sense that it would not be the most appropriate action. At other times, I may express the fact that I hold a different perspective. Their opinions do not have any impact on what it is I recognize to be true for myself, and how I would like to live my own life. So in those moments I can still be true to my own being, while allowing them to express theirs.

I think a choice to not be judgmental of them because of their beliefs brings a little more light into the world. And this speaks to the core of what I think lightwork is – it is ‘work’ based on a state of being. It’s not fundamentally intellectual – it’s not about categorizing dimensions, densities, interdimensional beings and collectives, our extra-terrestrial families, intelligence fields, or star systems. My lightwork is not about convincing someone that extra-terrestrials exist, or that the theory of creationism and Darwin’s theory of evolution, are both, in my view, distracting nonsense. Though these things are an important part of my knowledge base, my day to day lightwork is not about what I know, or what I think I know. (Shout-out to the P’s, who have helped me to be more comfortable with the idea that what I think something is –from the perspective of my physical, conscious mind– is often not what it is, and there’s always more to the story. I think this does well for keeping our consciousness nice and open and expansive).


I listened to a wonderful interview with James Gilliland a few weeks ago who half-jokingly said “on the way to spiritual awakening is E.T.” Funny and absolutely true – one of the first stops for many of us in the awakening process is re-assembling our memory of our interdimensional, galactic connections along the lines of time. We reassemble our memories of our other galactic homes and off planet associations, we re-activate those vibrational connections within our energetic field, and we reconnect with a far more expanded earth history, as well as our stellar ancestry.

In my view, we all can be described as ‘starseeds’ as we recognize and honour the star origins/heritage of Earth humanity. There is the genetic input of our ancestors, those who have contributed their genetics to the human species. We all carry this in our DNA matrix. We carry the seeds of our Pleiadian and Sirian families, among others. (We are the ETs). A “starseed” in the context of lightwork is defined more within the terms of his or her “mission”. The starseed mission is fundamentally about serving the ascension of consciousness on the planet from the standpoint of starseeds’ unique vibrational and genetic connections to a particular stellar consciousness. The point is to weave these vibrational connections into physical reality in order to serve the collective in some way.  The point is NOT to use these vibrational connections to disconnect from the Earth, and sneak out the back door. “Oh I’m really from the Pleiades, I can’t wait to go back.” Furthermore, in my view, we are all offshoots of Source, and thus, we are pure consciousness first, and then Pleiadian later. None of this foolishness about where we are “really from”.

Speaking very broadly about how ETs fit into all of this, I think that this is about expanding our view of who we are and who our family is. And you know how it is with family – we have not-so-nice family (think squabbles over inheritance and all kinds of borderline nefarious, unkind ulterior motives), but we also have our family favourites; the family members who we absolutely love, and who love us and who want the best for us. It is the same with our ET family.  Many ETs are responding to our call – in this time they are reminding us of the truth we already know about ourselves. They are holding space for us to come into more of the remembrance of ourselves as Creators. Many of the bodies of knowledge coming in now from our ET family connections are serving that purpose.


Channeling is any activity that allows an individual to anchor into physical reality certain qualities of consciousness and vibrational energies by acting as a conduit. When a person engages in activity that anchors more of their own creative higher mind into physical expression, that is channeling. This could be expressed as painting, dancing, singing – any creative activity, and can also be expressed as verbal communication: speaking or writing.

A range of energies can be expressed when an individual acts as a channel. An individual might be a conduit for higher resonance energies, or lower resonance energies. Channeling as a broader term simply refers to the idea of being a conduit. In the context of lightwork and awakening, many lightworkers are linking up to family connections, collective consciousnesses and “future” aspects of themselves in different dimensional realities. They bring through knowledge and information, often verbally, through channeling.

There are advantages to having such a variety of channelled material. The variety allows us – as such a heterogeneous and eclectic race of beings – to hear information in different ways which suits our own unique individual make-up. Sometimes a particular way in which something is said resonates with us more vis-à-vis other ways of conveying a similar message. (Think lecturers or teachers you respond to more or less in terms of their teaching style). The second advantage of having a variety of channelled material is that by offering us different perspectives, it allows us to activate our own sovereign agency in deciding which of these perspectives hold true for us. In other words, having a variety of information puts us in the driver’s seat. It enables an independence of mind, and puts us in the position of having to rely on our own discernment as we sift through information.

This innate sense of discernment is exactly how we know “who to believe”. We make an agreement with our physical body: “I trust my body as an information reading device. I trust my body to identify and convey to me the energetic signature of information I am hearing.  I commit to making friends with and trusting my body. I let my mind get out of the way, so I can hear the messages my body wants to convey.” Developing an intimate relationship with your body as a device designed to directly perceive vibration is crucial to developing a sense of discernment when it comes to any information. Assess: do you physically feel expansive, inspired, more creative, balanced and grounded after absorbing channelled information? Or do you physically feel constricted, fearful and out of your body, as though your solar plexus is ‘leaking’ energy?

Channelled information worth “believing” is basically empowering.  It does not ask you to give over your power. Entities and collectives who are in your best interest to work with will always encourage you to independently consider what it is they say. While there is such an incredible variety of channelled information, beings working for our collective awakening and initiation into higher consciousness are unified in their thought that we are Sovereign Creators. They do not approach us in patronizing ways. Instead, they communicate to us in the spirit of us being their equals – other extensions of Source.

Finally, ensure that you ‘dial up’ with intention. Whether you are channeling yourself or taking in channelled material, make an agreement: “I intentionally dial up to benevolence. I invite my higher mind to step forward to guide me as I receive benevolent and expansive messages.” This reminds me of the time an aunt asked me how I know that I am not opening the door to all sorts of icky energies when I read tarot. I told her that I am simply not available for that, because I dial up with intention. I am happy to have been taught by the P’s in this respect because the vibration of their teaching (decoded by my trusty body) instills a lot of confidence to make these executive decisions. I dial up to benevolence, and that’s the end of that.


Stick around for Part 2 where I talk about what happens when we see 11: 11 or “variants of 11” on the clock (what happens is that I do a 60-second dance party). I offer coping strategies for sanely making it through all the change we are experiencing on the planet, and I talk about “new age” tools in the context of lightwork…among other nice things.



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