The Purpose of Learning to Channel

Gift from 'Z and the Council'.

Gift from ‘Z and the Council’.

As I looked through one of my old notebooks, I came upon one of my own (very nearly illegible) channels, from beings I affectionately call “Z and the Council.” I asked the Council at that time for their perspective on learning to channel after a very moving and beautiful connection with them that lasted through the eve of my birthday into my birthday itself. As I re-read the very last section of the channel today, I thought about how so many of us are moving into our talents, and how scary it can feel!

Question: From your perspective, what is the purpose of learning to channel? How, from your perspective, will it serve humanity and me?

First, we will say that many on your planet are learning to channel. It is indicative of the great shift that is occurring, and the intent of many on your planet to feel their deeper connection to what you call their “higher levels.” The purpose of learning to channel is to remember and reconnect with parts of the self that are, you could say, “forgotten”, but truly are parts of the self.Β So know that as you write these words you are connecting to us, as you have deemed “the Council of Knowledge” – we are happy to go by that name, as you humans need to name things. We say this with love and humour – as you are connecting to us, know that you really are connecting to you.

So the purpose of channeling is to connect more to you. We are simply here to facilitate this process of you coming into more intimate relation with yourself. And indeed this extends to humanity in general as you collectively awaken to who you are. The proliferation of channeling is a direct physical expression of the ‘proliferation’ of people, the world over, coming into more of the levels of who they are; indeed, you all are being supported to do this – to “re-member”, so it is not surprising that there is a proliferation of this phenomenon.

As for you, we would say that opening to channel, as you are doing now as you write, is indeed opening you up to more of your innate abilities. We know this is your intent. It is to “begin” as it were, your process of letting the ‘energies’, of letting Spirit move through you more, and to move you to the next level, a graduation if you will – taking this realm, claiming this realm of experience as your own. We are here to help you with this, to help you become more ‘comfortable’ as it were, with this.

We know that there might have been some hesitation in the past – meaning it took you a little while to ‘warm up’ – so this process of you channeling is you getting hotter and hotter! Delving more deeply in to what you know is calling you, into realms of experience that you feel a very strong pull to. This experience, and us having answered your call for confirmation, is a kind of “validation” – the validation you needed to know that this is your path. We send you the courage to let it unfold. We send you the prodding, the push, to let your abilities unfold, to reveal themselves to you. You are getting started.

We thank you for this communication.