On “Raising Your Vibration” & Playing with Space

Raising Your Vibration

Last week I spoke a little (a lot) about the idea that “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) –  in an attempt to really break it down and deconstruct it. The purpose of that “deconstruction” was to suggest a way of healing the judgement that we often unwittingly pour into YCYOR. What I’d like to do today is to take a look at another related idea making its way around spiritual circles – the idea of “raising your vibration.”

You know the formula: “raise your vibration to the frequency of what it is you want to magnetically attract, in order to have that thing that you want manifest into your lifestream.” “Be on the same energetic wavelength of the thing that you want; that is the only way you can access it.” Now – while this is based on very sound energetic mechanics and universal principles of resonance and vibration, as always, problems tend to arise in how we come to these principles. What has happened with “Raising Your Vibration” (RYV) is that we come to the idea with the energy of striving. Of trying. One has to “get to” a desired vibration through putting in a lot of effort. RYV very often becomes synonymous with a lot of energetic output. (“uh….excuse me, can’t you see I’m trying to raise my vibration here?”)

You see, I happen to think of each one of us as the Sun card in the Tarot. That each of us has a unique energetic signature that corresponds to our core, natural, authentic, joyous and radiant selves. We all have that natural authentic self in common, except that it is infused with our individual unique energetic signature. From that perspective, “raising” your vibration is less about striving and trying to “get somewhere”; instead, RYV is fundamentally about lowering or dropping whatever is extraneous to the vibration of the natural self. RYV is fundamentally about releasing whatever energetic overlays that get in the way of that home vibration.

RYV is dropping the gunk. The P’s conceive this as dropping the gunk from each of our chakra centres – dropping the gunk from our root chakras – whatever ways in which we feel unsafe and unable to connect healthily to the material world; dropping the gunk from our solar plexuses – whatever ways prevent us from authentically stepping into our true inner-directed power.

As Darryl Anka reminds us, whatever is truly at one with our core natural authentic vibration is already doing its very best to make its way to us, and whatever is at variance with our core authentic vibration is equally doing its utmost to get far away from us. So what we are doing with raising our vibration is learning to let go of the things that are not at one with our core vibration. What we are learning to do is stop holding on to these things. RYV is thus more of a process of release: releasing limiting beliefs to allow the emergence of the authentic self, as a magnetic point of attraction for the things that are at one with that self, and would thus, by spiritual/energetic logic, enrich us.

To me “dropping” rather “trying” is a crucial way of conceiving RYV. Using the power of the imagination to see RYV as “dropping” already lightens the load, making a world of energetic difference. What this does is allow us to get comfortable with the notion of our core self, as something already existing, as something already there. There is no vibration to “get to”; the vibration is already there.

There’s another critical way of spatially conceiving RYV which takes us out of the “striving” paradigm of having to climb a vibrational ladder. The P’s ask us to picture it thus: as going from seeing through a peephole, to having a 360 degree view. RYV has everything to do with what is available to your consciousness, what your consciousness has access to. If you think about having energetic access to the 360 perspective that your Higher Self has, this automatically means that your vibration is elevated through greater intimate association with your expanded being. When we are able to see and understand increasingly wider and broader perspectives, when we are able to infuse our lives with more symbolic significance to see that all events serve very good purpose, this is a natural upshot of a raised vibration. So paradoxically, “raising” becomes something more lateral, more expansive, rather than strictly vertical.

Indeed this is what activation of the DNA genetic is about – more assimilation of our multidimensionality which gives our consciousness more “360 degree” dimensional access. Seeing more of the whole of Universal Creation, rather than just the ‘peephole’ 3D perspective. This greater seeing goes hand in hand with a higher resonant frequency. In addition, this more lateral imagining is also why being “enlightened” (of a higher resonant frequency) means a more “elevated” awareness of the 360 degree whole – light and dark. Ironically, raising your vibration does not make you immune to the awareness of lower frequencies – quite the opposite.

So my directive (lovingly decreed) would be to use your own imagination to play with the spatial configuration of RYV in your mind. (I’m hearing the P’s in my head now as I type this: “Pleiadians play.”).  I’m thinking we can generate some really powerful energy exercises here to support the process of shifting our orientation to RYV. One based on dropping and releasing, and another based on more lateral 360 imaginings.

Happy “raising your vibration”.



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