Deconstructing “You Create Your Own Reality”

You Create Your Own Reality

The idea that “you create your own reality” is thrown around a lot in spiritual circles – thrown around not only by those who rather appreciate the principle, but equally by those who reject it categorically or by those who find the idea wanting in some respect. Those appreciating the idea are happy to acknowledge that the state of their consciousness imprints their experience, and that collective states of consciousness imprint collective experience. Those who categorically reject the idea see no necessary relationship between ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ – a la Cartesian thinking – and those who are able to see some merit to the principle are uncomfortable with its (perceived) corollaries: “Yes, states of mind influence outcomes, but surely economically disenfranchised people can’t be blamed for their circumstance,” they say.

Surely inequitable financial and societal systems play a huge role in their situation. These people can’t be blamed for creating a reality of poverty when clearly there is so much wrong with our world.” Others experience a different kind of discomfort with the notion, finding it cold, and even punitive: ‘You Create Your Own Reality’ (YCYOR) is going to punish them for having a “low vibration” on a stressful day and is going to hand them a bad time. “You should know better than to lower your vibration, you creating human, you.”

What the perception of YCYOR as punitive, cold, or failing to appropriately ascribe ‘blame’ does, first and foremost, is to shine a light on the incredible degree of judgement surrounding the notion. In “deconstructing” ‘you create your own reality’, we begin to recognize a very sizable overlay of judgement informing how the idea is perceived. By “judgement” I mean attaching to ideas that certain states of experience are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; ‘good’ or ‘bad’; ‘failure or success’.

There is inherent judgement in the idea that one is being “punished” for having a low vibration; there is inherent judgement in the notion that YCYOR implies that one ‘should know better’ than to create from a less than ‘positive’ vibration. What all this judgement does is to prevent a reaching up of our consciousness to perceive that all events and circumstances in the corpus of collective created experience have a higher function. The reaching up of our consciousness to perceive that all creation (the good, the bad, and the ugly) has a purpose for being there, brings us to a far more neutral place in which judgement cannot truly reside.

What YCYOR is designed to do is foster the development of a constant awareness of where we are vibrating, of our energetic stance. An awareness that is distinct from the vibrational state itself – an awareness of whether we are happy, sad, ambivalent, frustrated, joyful, annoyed. One might say that surely anyone who is very angry is bloody well “aware” that they are angry. Except that there are different kinds of awareness. What this constant awareness is, which brings us to the second key aspect of YCYOR, is the awareness that every single state of being constitutes a vibrational selection. No matter how compelling or inexorable that state of being feels, it is still, at its core, a vibrational selection. We have chosen it. YCYOR is designed to make this process of selection more conscious.

When my partner and I broke up, and I had to walk through all the emotional resistance to moving into a new stage of my life without him, my emotional resistance was still a vibrational selection on my part. I knew I ‘created’ the experience of the break up by virtue of my participation with it. So who pulled the plug on the relationship was essentially irrelevant. Here was an experience I was having, and the fact that I was having it reflected back to me my participation with it at some level. YCYOR does not ask us to not experience certain states. It asks us to release the judgement of them in order to consciously imprint them with the meaning we would like, so that we may then extract the quality of experience that is in vibrational alignment with our imposed meaning. It calls us to acknowledge our beingness as creators extraordinaire, and to know that if we created something, it must be serving us at a deeper level. Sometimes the ‘deeper level’ is in the very walking of the experience – the fact of being able to have walked it, and having participated in our own personal clearing in order to hold the energetic space for others to heal in this way. At this deeper level, a created experience not only serves individual selves, but other beings, as well as Universal Creation.

The souls of many autistic children have come in now to lovingly reflect to us the consequences of our collective vibrational selections. Animal communicator Anna Breytenbach explains that many animals in zoos have made it very clear to her that they have chosen, at a soul level, to be in that kind of captivity for various purposes, one of which is to foster greater empathy among humans for the species with whom we share the planet. They have selected that experience for a reason, and participated with our systems of relating to animals to bring it about. YCYOR reflects the grace of a deeply benevolent system which allows us to directly perceive the consequences of our vibrational selections so that we may make new choices if these consequences are not what we wish to experience. Thus, YCYOR is not designed to foster social complacency, but is designed to simply be that reflective mirror to bring us back into a more intimate relationship with the creative power of our consciousness. Being in a state of judgement about the consequences of vibrational selections, the way in which the field of energy reflects our consciousness back to us, severely undercuts our ability to make new vibrational choices.

The Pleiadians have said that acknowledging the creative choice to be in a state of poverty is going to be a very hard pill for many of us to swallow. States of disenfranchisement at all levels are consequences of the abdication of our inner spiritual responsibility to be creators of our experience – the collective giving over of our power to systems which are not at one with our freedom. YCYOR signals something deeper: it is the consciousness behind poverty that must be healed. The consciousness which provides the glue for the vibrational matching between victim and perpetrator is what needs to be dismantled.

YCYOR invites you to get bold. To get bold about declaring what it is you are available for at the level of your energy. To make an agreement with the intelligence of your body and with your Higher Mind about what you intend to receive. What is required here is the deep cellular belief that you are free to create. Rising up in consciousness to meet the creator with you.

Now that this awareness is anchored in my own consciousness through the experiences that I have walked and my discernment of this truth communicated to me by my own soul, I feel an incredible freedom. Freedom to reconfigure my beliefs. Freedom to decide moment by moment to choose whatever augments my energy over what diminishes it. Freedom to recognize that I am never under any circumstances a victim of anything.

YCYOR invites you to get into a more intimate relationship with your own being. It invites more open communication with your own soul, your own Higher Mind, to consciously bring more of the totality of who you are into your creation.

Create in love, with healing intent, without judgement.



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