Mind your own (vibrational) business

heart centered biz

The heart-centred business community is populated by many wonderful people with integrity who simply want to be of service to others doing what it is they enjoy, and who intend that others be the beneficiaries of the joy that infuses their work. Those who identify themselves as part of this community (myself included) eschew sterile commercial paradigms and ‘icky’ (viz. “low vibration”) advertising/marketing techniques embedded in traditional competition ‘win or lose’ paradigms. The upshot of leaving behind “old energy” business paradigms predicated on the concept of survival is the necessity of carving out a unique business space in which a heartfelt desire to engage in mutually fulfilling interaction (whilst, of course, earning some cash) becomes paramount. The challenge here is that much readily accessible business advice and strategy is still embedded in old energy, and therefore, trying to apply these to a heart-centred business is not only vibrationally incongruous, but quite confusing for the heart-centred business owner.

From a macro perspective, what’s happening here is that this process of leaving behind old paradigms in business is simply one reflection of a larger vibrational shift – one in which people disinvest in (quasi-Malthusian) belief systems and energetic architecture which hold that there isn’t enough for everyone. A vibrational shift in which people disinvest in the belief that doing what they love and serving from their heart could never ever support them materially. However, the shift isn’t complete. We’re in that sort of dimensional transition where the tools, strategies and approaches of the old paradigms are still accessible, but we’re learning how to navigate with a new control panel based on a different set of beliefs. In this transitional phase, we haven’t fully let go of the crutches of the old paradigms even as we grasp for the new.

With this new control panel, we are also remembering our innate cellular understanding of energy and vibration. What the term “heart-centred business” is really attempting to do is signal the vibrational place from which service comes. To be in the business of being “heart centred” is to be in the business of vibration.

What this shines a (very bright!) light on in the heart-centred business community is comparison. Last night I was reading through a post online in which a heart-centred business owner explained she was feeling rather discouraged by the lack of sales in her Etsy shop. Everyone chimed in with very encouraging and supportive advice ranging from SEO strategy to “Hang in there! It takes time!” People remarked on the curious phenomenon of some business owners getting loads of sales, whilst others, presumably having done everything right by way of SEO and nice photos, got zilch.

After packing up my laptop and putting away all my electronics on the parliament table downstairs to prepare for bed (I highly recommend a similar practice – no electronics or wireless signals around you while you sleep), I made my way to my bedroom. On the way up the stairs it occurred to me that none of what I had just read was fundamentally about business strategy, SEO, or nice photos. It occurred to me that it wasn’t at all helpful comparing one business [owner] to another because of this: we simply aren’t privy to the vibration that someone else is holding. Contemplate these two scenarios:

a) Heart-centred business owner Lisa (entirely fictional name) is at her wits’ end. She’s “done every fucking thing” to get her Etsy sales off the ground, how dare it not move. She’s doing the “same things” everyone who is successful, is doing. Her SEO game is tight, her photos are beautiful. However, the more she tries to get sales, the more frustrated she gets. She doesn’t sell. It’s a vicious cycle of no sales, frustration, anger and complaint.

b) Heart-centred business owner Rachel (also entirely fictional), is prepared to take her time with her business. To do the SEO stuff, to take nice photos too. She enjoys setting up her little photo shoots. She’s prepared to let her business grow organically. She knows that she doesn’t at the moment have the answers to everything, but trusts that the information she needs will make itself available to her when she needs it. She’s decided to pace herself – to not try to do everything all at once. She’s made a vow to herself that if she’s moving into a space that doesn’t feel good when she’s doing her biz stuff, she’ll put down whatever she’s doing and come back later with a different energy. She’s enjoying the process of putting together new listings for her Etsy shop. She knows she is unique, and will get the clients who she is most suited to serve. She offers thanks for the opportunity to spend time doing what it is that she loves.

Rachel understands the unique vibrational imperative that the title “heart-centred business” confers. Lisa, it seems, has temporarily forgotten.

I sat in bed and pulled out my journal and a deck of Oracle cards. Made some notes on the day. Pulled a card. ENVY, from the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards deck. “Okay, Spirit. Thank you. I understand.” (I expect synchronicity; after all, I am a Tarot reader, but it still manages to blow me away).

ENVY. Root: comparison.

Lesson: We don’t know how the vibration a person holds is affecting what they create. Instead of focusing on another person, instead of comparing yourself to another, be your authentic self and look after your own vibration.

Mind your own vibrational business.

With love


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