Intuitive Counselor

“You and Tara become the excavators of your truths. She is the channel, the guide – encourager supreme.”

I’m Tara. Intuitive Counselor,  Astrologer  & Guide. Here, at your service.

You’ll find me at the intersection of where astrology, your individual soul journey, and the journey of the human collective group soul meet. My consultations are soulful, therapeutic counseling sessions designed to dive deep into the part of you that knows the answers, knows why you are here and what you have come to accomplish.

Our individual natal chart shows us our essential soul agenda for the lifetime we are in. It powerfully describes who we are and the lessons we are here to learn – but it does more than that: it is a powerful prescriptive tool, giving us a pathway or map forward.

I practice a form of counseling astrology that not only helps you become more consciously aware of your individual soul agenda and personality wiring, but which helps to situate your soul agenda and personal energetic attunement within the context of the needs of the human collective. That is, how your own individual blueprint contributes to the resolution of energies within the human collective group soul. Our individual soul paths and collective planetary assignments are two sides of the same coin.

As an intuitive, my technical understanding of astrology and my counseling approaches are informed by other intuitive-telepathic data I may have access to, particularly as it relates to energetic dynamics within the human collective, the intelligence fields of the planet, and how these intersect with your reasons for being here – to participate with and contribute to the unfolding of human consciousness.

We are at a critical juncture in the human story – and, practiced with sensitivity and know how, astrology can help us restore dignity to being human and elevate our consciousness to new vistas of spiritual understanding.

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