Intuitive Counselor

“You and Tara become the excavators of your truths. She is the channel, the guide – encourager supreme.”

I’m Tara. Intuitive Counselor,  Astrologer  & Guide. Here, at your service.

I offer a variety of in-person, mp3, document, and Skype reading consultations and mentorship sessions, with meaningful information and insightful, therapeutic guidance. My reading consultations are soulful, therapeutic counselling sessions designed to dive deep into the part of you that has the answers, knows why you’re here, and what you’ve come to accomplish. I’m here to help you rediscover the power of your mind and put you in touch with the higher perspectives emanating from your Greater Self.

Read my blog to your soul’s delight. Or spend some time with me on my YouTube channel. Wherever you go, you’ll get rich, detailed content on astrology, spiritual awakening, planetary consciousness shift, and tarot/intuitive practice.