Four Attitudes For Solopreneur Women To Cultivate (video)

Four Attitudes For Solopreneur Women - Tara Nikita

I have so much respect for solopreneur women doing their own thing, solopreneur women wanting to do meaningful work and soulful business that is aligned with who they are. In this video, with the help of the Tarot, I share the four attitudes that help me to stay grounded, optimistic and psychologically stable as I run my own practice and navigate its ups and downs.

We are taught marketing, social media, list building and the works (which are all important). But we’re not necessarily taught how to work on an energetic level to thrive in our businesses. However, as solopreneur women, we have in-built into the cellular codes of our bodies certain predispositions that actually allow us to thrive in our business…if only we would use them…

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Competition Paradigms in Business: Reasons to Kick ’em to the Curb

Competition Paradigms in Business - Tara Nikita

I’ve wanted to add my two cents to this wonderful, high-vibe discussion for quite some time now: the absolute obsoleteness of conventional competition paradigms in business which take as their starting point a very bleak, brutish, quasi-Malthusian, 5 of Pentacles, scarcity-led, “get-my-slice-of-the-pie”, comparison-filled picture of reality.

Let’s begin by looking at this through a vibrational lens. Energetically speaking, competition paradigms in business which lead you to assume that everyone in your field is a competitor in a race to “MORE FOR ME”, have a most curious effect: these paradigms keep your good at bay.

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Mind your own (vibrational) business

heart centered biz

The heart-centred business community is populated by many wonderful people with integrity who simply want to be of service to others doing what it is they enjoy, and who intend that others be the beneficiaries of the joy that infuses their work. Those who identify themselves as part of this community (myself included) eschew sterile commercial paradigms and ‘icky’ (viz. “low vibration”) advertising/marketing techniques embedded in traditional competition ‘win or lose’ paradigms. The upshot of leaving behind “old energy” business paradigms predicated on the concept of survival is the necessity of carving out a unique business space in which a heartfelt desire to engage in mutually fulfilling interaction (whilst, of course, earning some cash) becomes paramount. The challenge here is that much readily accessible business advice and strategy is still embedded in old energy, and therefore, trying to apply these to a heart-centred business is not only vibrationally incongruous, but quite confusing for the heart-centred business owner.

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