Decoding Aspects: Natal Mars Square Neptune (video)

In this tutorial video, I break down the process of systematically understanding aspects in the birth chart – using Mars square Neptune. (So if you have Mars square Neptune in your birth chart, woo hoo, this might help).

First we look at the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Pisces, since these signs are governed by Mars and Neptune respectively. Then we examine the ACTUAL relationship – the square. After we look at the archetypal relationship, what does the square add to the picture?

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The Astrology of August 2018 – part 1 (video)

In this video I look at the astrology of August – from the 1st to the 15th of the month. We discuss the major transits: the Mars/Uranus square, Uranus going retrograde until January 2019, the Sun and Mercury squaring up with Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus changing signs and aspecting Mars, Saturn and Chiron, the new moon solar eclipse happening on August 11, and retrograde Mars dipping back into Capricorn. As usual, we look at the personal psychological significance of these transits, as well as their collective implications.

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Solar & Lunar Eclipses of Summer 2018 (video)

Unpacking the solar and lunar eclipses of the summer of 2018: the solar eclipse new moon in Cancer happening on July 12, the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius happening on July 27, and the solar eclipse new moon happening on August 11. We also examine the relationship between the first solar eclipse and Donald Trump’s birth chart.

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The Astrology of July 2018 – Part 1 (video)

A breakdown of the planetary-energetic activity of July 2018. This video covers the significant astrological transits up until July 15.

We examine the water trines happening in the first 10 days, Jupiter going direct again as Mercury engages it in a square, Chiron going retrograde until 2019, Venus entering Virgo and trining Uranus and Saturn, the Sun-Pluto opposition, and the solar eclipse in Cancer – the first eclipse of the summer.

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The Astrology of June 2018 (video)

A comprehensive breakdown of the planetary-energetic activity of June 2018.

The astrological biggies this month: grand water trines, Neptune goes retrograde, a Venus-Mars opposition which engages the north and south nodes of the moon, and Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius as it dances with the south node. Because of Mars’s retrograde motion, it will be in Aquarius for quite some time – and this is quite significant for the collective.

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Ethics & Conduct For Astrologers | Relationship Astrology (video)

Ethics and conduct for astrologers - Tara Nikita

A huge part of astrological counseling or delivering astrological readings is understanding appropriate conduct and ethics.

In this video, I share a personal story highlighting the need for a sensitive, intelligent and appropriate understanding of ethics in astrology when conducting astrological counseling. Being a professional astrologer, especially in the therapeutic setting, involves not directly or indirectly telling a client what to do, nor encouraging the client to abdicate his or her sense of personal responsibility.

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The Astrology of May 2018 (video)

The Astrology of May 2018 - Tara Nikita

A comprehensive breakdown of the planetary-energetic activity of May 2018, to help you navigate the month while keeping your astrological hat on.

As a collective, we have been psychically preparing for the biggies of this month, all coinciding on May 15: Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus, a new Moon in Taurus, Mars entering Aquarius (where it will be, quite unusually, for about 6 months this year because it goes retrograde) and Mars squaring up with Uranus.

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The Astrology of APRIL 2018 (video)

Astrology of April 2018 - Tara Nikita

A comprehensive breakdown of the astrology of April 2018. April is quite a significant month: Saturn and Pluto both go retrograde for the same period of time, Chiron changes signs, Mars ignites Pluto as they form a conjunction in Capricorn, and the month culminates in a Scorpio full moon. Join me as I take you through April’s energetic unfoldment – in astrological terms. We look at the personal psychological and collective significance of April’s transits.

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