How To Use Social Media Consciously


I’ll admit right from the outset that perhaps what follows is less of a “how to”, and more of me sharing my [somewhat fuddy duddy] perspectives on how I approach social media, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you might get something from it. What follows isn’t a judgment about how anyone else wants to use social media, but rather the guidelines and approaches that keep me sane in a world of tweets, retweets, updates, posts, latergrams, videos, scopes and likes.

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Making Progress By Doing Nothing


I love to write. I love to produce content. Love, love, love. As I sit down in front of my laptop, the words come. They flow. It’s like something or someone is pouring words into my being, and the words come through my fingertips. It’s this beautiful symbiosis of heart, mind, brain and hands.


I’ve done nothing since July. I haven’t sat down to write a single post or article; I haven’t brought through the guides, I haven’t recorded a single podcast. And, guess what? It’s been one of the most strangely “productive” and fruitful periods I’ve had.

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On parenting: how can awakening parents best parent their children?

From the guides:

This is a question that we know is of great personal interest to you. This is a very timely and important question. Parenting in this time on the planet is tricky…it is challenging for parents who would be oriented toward a certain kind of consciousness and who want to raise their children with let’s say, more “humanistic” values…values that are in-keeping with the harmony of the planet, with the raising of consciousness on the planet.

There is much to be desired in terms of the state of children and the state of parenting on your planet…there are many challenges which arise. One of which is your media, and the kinds of things that children are exposed to. One of which is the internet, and parenting in the age of the internet. We know you sense the challenges inherent in parenting on the planet at this time. The first thing we want to point out to you is this: that balance is needed in terms of how this issue is perceived.

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The Law of Attraction Isn’t An Excuse To Feel Bad

The law of attraction isn't an excuse to feel bad - Tara Nikita

The law of attraction was never meant to be used an excuse to feel bad. It was never meant to be used a basis upon which to berate oneself for “manifesting” some unwanted thing. We were never meant to use ‘attracting’ unwanted things as a basis to extrapolate that we are flawed, or wrong.

The self- responsibility inherent in the maxim that we “create our own reality” was never meant to go hand in hand with self-blame when something unwanted happens. Responsibility and blame are not energetically equivalent.

Because of our limited understanding of this (albeit spectacularly simple) law, and because as humans we seem to be suckers for self-flagellation and feelings of unworthiness (we simply don’t have enough time here to discuss all the reasons why), we often tend to think in this way: “Because I have ‘attracted’ this unwanted thing into my life, I must be doing something wrong.” And then we intensify and amplify our experience of the unwanted things in our lives by:

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The Spiritual Awakening Mentorship Session

Spiritual Awakening Blog

It is with a deep, heartfelt desire to really be of assistance to people going through the spiritual awakening process that I introduce my latest offering: the spiritual awakening mentorship session.  Creating genuinely useful resources for folks navigating the spiritual awakening process absolutely lights me up – because I had to navigate my spiritual awakening all on my own. I never really had anyone who I could turn to to explain what was going on.

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It’s Not About What It’s About: Understanding Chaotic Planetary Events

Understanding chaotic global events - Tara Nikita

From the guides: 

Good afternoon.

It is actually evening, but we know you like the sound of us saying “good afternoon.” This is fine. We do not exist in your time, so we are not too bothered with what time it is. But as you sit to write this, it is in fact twilight. A nice summer evening in June.

Let us begin.

For some time we have wanted to talk about the idea that it is not about what it’s about. That the way things are received by you – the way events are painted, the way they are presented, the discourse around them…well, a lot of it is missing the point. And what is the point?

The point is that increasingly the events on your world are revealing to you that old paradigms, old perceptual paradigms, are crumbling. Your old paradigms cannot keep up with the bizarre nature of the events plaguing your world. The traumas, the things that seem outright farcical…the events that are “out there” need a new understanding applied to them.

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Solstice Affirmation & Meditation

Summer Solstice Tara Nikita

I felt very moved to share a summer solstice affirmation and meditation. I invite you, if you feel resonant with these words, to say them aloud, or to perhaps take some time out of your day for private reflection. We are collectively in such volatile and tumultuous times. We are processing so much as a human collective. Sometimes I myself need to sit down and let the energy move through me in whatever way in needs to. In those moments I am acutely aware that I am serving as a “hub” for the flow and integration of energy – I am processing not just for myself, but also on behalf of the collective. This summer solstice affirmation and meditation is directed toward the planet, and the human collective.

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Talking Astrology: Saturn, This Week’s Saturn-Neptune Square & The Cosmic Weather

Talking Astrology - Tara Nikita

In this week’s Talking Astrology podcast, we explore:

-How we individually and collectively “create” our astrology

-How our astrological birth charts reflect our soul choices and the curriculum for our growth

-The evolutionary role of Saturn: what Saturn is here to teach us

-Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius and what it means for the collective

-This week’s Saturn-Neptune square, it’s evolutionary purpose, and what it is asking us all to do

-Higher education, the US presidential elections, the media, and what Saturn-Neptune has to do with all of it.

Listen here:

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When Shit Hits The Fan : 5 Things I Learned From Breaking Up (That You Can Learn Too)

5 Things I Learned from Breaking Up - Tara Nikita


Well, as it turns out, my capacity to love was so much more than I thought. I discovered that I had so much more love inside me than I realized. Looking back, I see quite clearly that breaking up broke me open. It broke me open so that more love could pour out. It stretched me. It increased my love quotient.


I learned that I was always creating the relationship I wanted. I realized the dissolution of my relationship was actually a powerfully creative act. (If you speak Tarot, think the Tower card and it’s deeper question: what creation can come from this destruction?). My love life didn’t end with breaking up. By breaking up I wasn’t starting over. I was continuing to build on something I already started. I was continuing to design the relationship I wanted – with amended architectural and interior design features. Maybe not so much colonial. Still colonial (I mean who doesn’t love colonial), but with more modern elements. Maybe more open concept. I switched out the stainless steel for a farmhouse sink (because farmhouse sinks are infinitely more charming).

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Emotional Healing : Interview with Dr. Chan on Caribriddims Radio

Healing Tara Nikita Dr Chan 2016

Listen in to Dr. Chan interview me for her show, Positive Vibez. In relaxed, Jamaican Sunday morning style, we talk about:

-why emotional healing is really about focusing your energetic attention 

-why emotional healing often coincides with drafting a new storyline of your life

-the importance of giving yourself permission to heal one day at a time

-why positive affirmations sometimes don’t work (and guidelines for making sure that they do)

-the role of your imagination in healing

-the critical importance of your personal guidance system. 

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